This document outlines a statement of our individual and organizational competencies, achievements, objectives and skillset. Its purpose is to communicate clearly and effectively to potential business partners, stakeholders, suppliers, customers and even employees about our business and business capabilities. We aim to help reinforce business brands in safety and value the importance of compliance in the complicated world or Work Health and Safety. We specialize in small business compliance and start up, Railway safeworking and sporting clubs. As many of our staff are certified in Training and Assessing, Leadership and Management, and Life Coaching, Infinite Safety can coach and mentor professionally to best develop your needs with you and your employees at the centre of our focus. 


Infinite Safety aims to build your companies WHS standards and compliance to help you become industry leaders of safety in your chosen field. 

We will: 

  • Clearly define gaps and execute development plans
  • Clearly identify improvement areas
  • Clearly identify areas that are doing well to feed off
  • Collate essential information
  • Create and amend safety management plans as needed
  • Develop record keeping and compliance data
  • Start new businesses with a solid WHS foundation

 We are committed to delivering the best product to you and your situation. We will work with you till you and your team understand the requirements 

Core Competencies

Infinite Safety ensures that all its personnel are WHS certified (cert IV minimum) and hold high risk licenses. When required to complete inductions prior to entering a site or business, we will ensure this is completed in a timely manner. We have multi-industry knowledge and experience bringing a diverse skillset and competency base. Infinite Safety often send multiple people to a site or business to ensure opinions are kept objective and gaps are identified by those who haven’t yet become “Industry complacent”. Our employees have completed ISO certification training to assist if you need to obtain universal accreditation. 


 Key differentiators Infinite Safety can offer your company: 

  • Market Responsiveness’
  • Versatility of expertise
  • Small and new business startup specialists
  • Product and customer Service Superiority
  • Production Efficiency
  • Subject matter expertise in Railway Safeworking operations
  • Scalability of plan for any size industry
  • Purpose built and individually developed plans
  • Multi industry knowledge for crossover of information
  • Internal compliance and KPI standards
  • Comprehensible liaison process

Value Proposition

What Infinite Safety brings to you is that we are a small family run business and understand the intricacies of WHS and what needs to be done. Your business is as important to us, as it is to you. We aim to develop custom plans specific to your needs. 

The team consists of experts in Rail Safeworking, civil compliance, construction, small business startups and development of safety management plans for sporting clubs. Infinite Safety prides itself on being a team player and values input from everyone involved. We will listen to your needs and act accordingly. 

If Infinite Safety can’t complete the job, we will assist in finding a company in our contact list that can. 

What can we offer: 

Risk Registers 

Safety briefings 

Safety management plans and sub plans 

Staff coaching and training on WHS tools Procedures, process and SWMS (safe work method statements) 

JHA’s, (Job hazard analysis) 

Develop individual risk assessments 

Material safety Data sheets 

Gap analysis 

Regular compliance audits and checks 

Full WHS packages 

Custom packaged and requirements

Target Audience

We are always looking to help new clients that are unsure on where to start, or where to “go from here”. We can develop a custom plan to your new or existing business. Infinite Safety Current customers looking for amendments and improvements to safety plans are encouraged to maintain compliance with WHS. We will continue to work with valued customers and help them grow. Infinite Safety is equipped to assist a diverse range of clientele, new or existing. 


We are experts in small and new business compliance. We can offer a complete WHS package and train you and your staff how to execute correctly. Knowledge and expertise from multiple industries mean that we can offer diverse and simple solutions to any WHS issues.   


Infinite Safety pride ourselves on following a particular set of values that help us deliver work with Integrity and accountability. We have taken virtues from the Norse culture and developed them into a modern standard of operating in life, and in business. Courage We will always have the courage to do what is right for the greater good 

Truth. (integrity) We will always be honest and when alone, act as you would when being watched 

Honour We will say what we do, and do what we say

 Fidelity (accountability) We are responsible for our own actions 

Discipline We understand that discipline builds resilience 

Hospitality We are a family unit that places important on a “customer first” attitude 

Self-Reliance We are a solid team, because as individuals we put in the effort US 

Industriousness We will work hard and always aim to develop a solution in a timely manner 

Company Details

 Company Name: Infinite Safety

Trading Name:    Infinite Safety

ABN:  641 918 59687 

Year Established: 2022 

Location: Western Australia 

Primary Contact: Name:  Dale Noppers 

Position title:      Managing Director 

E mail address:

Mobile Phone:  0448 848 277