With our help, your business can do more. We're Infinite Safety, a Perth -based Consulting Firm with a proven track record of supporting businesses in a variety of industries through results-driven consulting. We'll give your company the attention it deserves, offering personalized solutions and guidance to help you meet and surpass your safety and compliance golaols 

We can come to you for consultation to develop a safety plan for your new, or existing company.

No business is the same, so that's why a custom safety plan fitted exactly to your needs is extremely valuable.

Already have a safety management plan? We can carry out external audits and Risk mitigation plans to get you to the next level.

We will:

  • Clearly define gaps and execute development plans
  • Clearly identify improvement areas
  • Clearly identify areas that are doing well to feed off
  • Collate essential information
  • Create and amend safety management plans as needed
  • Develop record keeping and compliance data
  • Start new businesses with a solid WHS foundation

As part of this gap analysis, we can determine if your team needs training and education in safety protocols and understanding of new processes. 

At Infinite Safe we are well equipped to deliver a  custom plan to suit your business.